Cambodia Inventory List

1- Killing Fields

2- Torture Prison

3- Cobra snake blood ritual (from live cobra) drinking cobra blood, eating cobra snake, etc…

4- Cambodia temple ruins

5- Cambodia Gun Club, shooting machine guns, (M-57, AK-47, etc…) Throwing hand grenades, etc…

6- Cambodian black market street doctors, Dry cupping (sucking blood to skin surface, sucking out bad illness, scrapping skin raw, Chanting, etc…)

7- Cambodian Chicken Market, getting the chickens to market any way they can, tied to motor cycles on bicycles carts, etc… Funny Stuff!

8- Street medicine, eating river snakes to cure headaches, eating frogs to cure stomach aches, snake wines to give a man strong power, street fortune life tellers

9- Cobra pigmy snakes and other snakes in medicine bottles, B-Roll of weird Chinese medicine shops and pharmacies, two foot earth worms and other snakes for restaurant food, etc Copyright 2002
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