The Strange and Exotic World of Asia
Volume 2
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  Philippines Good Friday Crucifixions! Holy Week Rituals! Sideshow snake charmers!
Pattaya Beach ladyboys! Songkran Water Festival, the largest, longest and wildest 5 day
water fight in the world! Blind fold kick boxing! Crocodile fishing! Cambodia street medicine!
Chimpanzee and boa snake! Phuket Island sea cave canoeing! With lots of hot action in
strange locations. This film is so graphic and explicit, your jaws will hit the floor with amazement.
Banned from national television and 17 foreign countries! Copyright 2002 BSM Enterprises
  Each Shock video contains
Brent Madden Productions specializes in footages, stock footage, underwater footage and footage from the bizarre to the abnormal. Brent Madden footages contain Asian weird rituals, weird footage, gore footage, extreme footages, extreme shock face piercing footage, new age primitive ritual footages, fire walking footages, self mutilation footages, extreme savage footages, weird and strange tattoo footages, bug eating footages, bizarre shocking weird strange footages and extreme medical footages, shocking strange footages and weird conjoined twins footage, shocking extreme body parts footage, skeletons footages, weird body parts footage, heads in jars footage, strange shocking weird and bizarre death footages, bizarre footages collections, footage from around the entire world to bring my viewers the most shocking. Bizarre, weird, strange Asian rituals footages and never seen before footages, mummy footages, bizarre strange shocking animal footages, long neck women footages, opium museum footages, smoking opium footages. Brent promises to bring his footage viewer the most bizarre, extreme, weird, strange and never seen before rituals from around the secret hidden world.