The Strange and Exotic World of Asia
Volume 3
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  Long Neck Giraffe Women! Crocodile Wrestling! Black Market Asia! Cambodia Killing Fields and Torture prison!
Anatomy Museum! Bladed ladder of Death climb! Cambodian gun club! Fertility (Penis) shrines! Forbidden Women's
temple, with extreme face piercing to young women! Cabbage and Condoms Restaurant, a safe sex Theme with
a condom and IUD museum! This film so extreme and graphic, it has been banned in 17 foreign
countries and on national television! Copyright 2002 BSM Enterprises
  Our Films are loaded with content
Brent Madden Productions specializes in films, stock footage, underwater film and film from the bizarre to the abnormal. Brent Madden films contain Asian weird rituals, weird film, gore film, extreme films, extreme shock face piercing film, new age primitive ritual films, fire walking films, self mutilation films, extreme savage films, weird and strange tattoo films, bug eating films, bizarre shocking weird strange films and extreme medical films, shocking strange films and weird conjoined twins film, shocking extreme body parts film, skeletons films, weird body parts film, heads in jars film, strange shocking weird and bizarre death films, bizarre films collections, filming around the entire world to bring my viewers the most shocking. Bizarre, weird, strange Asian rituals films and never seen before films, mummy films, bizarre strange shocking animal films, long neck women films, opium museum films, smoking opium films. Brent promises to bring his film viewer the most bizarre, extreme, weird, strange and never seen before rituals from around the secret hidden world.