Thailand Inventory List


1- Long Neck hill tribe women (Giraffe women) from Mae Hong Son, Nai-Soi Long Neck village

2- Non-Decomposable Monk at temple on display in glass case (Died 1987)

3- Anatomy Museum with body parts, conjoined twins, dissected complete human nervous system (The only one in the world!), heads in jars that are split in half, women in glass case dissected, etc…

4- Bug eating with man and young boys and girls eating water bugs, scorpions, baby fried birds, grasshoppers, frogs, also cooking and preparing bugs for eating

5- Tiger cubs and piglets, raising tiger cubs with piglets. The mother pig acts as the sergeant mother to the tiger cubs, tiger cubs breast feeding from mother pig , tiger cub and piglet nursery (Great Pictures)

6- Tigers hanging out with dogs and pigs, tiger having sex with a large dog

7- Crocodile fishing (Asian’s fishing for crocs, funny stuff)

8- Side show snake charmers (Men picking up deadly Cobras and Vipers with their mouths, etc…)

9- Chimpanzee playing with boa constrictor (Snake charming chimp)

10- Monkey Training Center (Teaching monkeys how to pick fruit, dive for coins in water, etc…)

11- Elephants playing football, basketball, riding bicycles, playing games, walking over tourists, molesting ladies breasts and crotches, etc… Funny stuff!

12- Phuket Vegetarian Festival with bizarre face piercing, cutting faces with knives and hatches fire walking. Exploding bombs, piercing parades, men putting boiling oil over there bodies, temple rituals, Trance in and trance out temples, men and women piercing and faces with bizarre objects, climbing the 50 foot ladder of death, Exclusive piercing footage inside the Forbidden Women’s Temple, etc…

13- Chaing Mai Elephant working camps, Chaing Rai Hill tribes

14- Bangkok’s famed Cabbage and Condoms Restaurant (A Safe Sex theme restaurant)

15- Fertility Shrines at Bangkok and South Pattaya Beach (Men and women worshipping penises)

16- Blind Thai Massage

17- Bangkok’s famed large Floating Market

18- Muay-Thai kick boxing, Beer bar side show kick boxing with young boys to men, Blind fold kickboxing, Dwarf kick boxing, Orangutan kick boxing (Monkey Show)

19- Covert camera of street and girls at Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza Entertainment Center and Patpong in Bangkok (color and black and white)

20- Bangkok’s China Town (street scenes, shops selling animal parts for medicine, shark fins, birds nests)

21- Black Market Asia selling illegal animals to human skulls

22- Scorpion Girls (Beautiful girls putting scorpions on there faces, bodies and in there mouths)

23- B-Roll of Asia, city to jungle, ridding Tuk-Tuk’s to rig Shaw’s

24- Crocodile wrestling with men and women (Putting there heads in croc’s mouth, etc…

25- Floating Women of Khancanaburi, Women devoted to temple life who float on top of the water and in the water in Lotus position, Lying flat on there back, and stomach, I can not figure out how they do this, the women claim they are possessed by Buddha who allows them to perform this ritual

26- Water of Life, deep down in a cave, the cave of the river Kwai where they hid thousands of Buddha’s during the war, there is a guardian statue guarding the dripping water of life

27- Lop Buri Monkey Festival (once a year the people of Lop Buri have a vegetarian banquet for there sacred monkeys, (Long tailed Macaques) the rest of the year the hundreds of monkeys over run the town, monkeys beg and steal from the towns people and tourists, running wild and getting into everything! Funny stuff, the most fun I’ve had filming a story

28- Sea Cave Canoeing, Phuket-Phang Nga Bay, exploring sea cave’s of the magical rock islands, discovered while filming the James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”. Parts of the caves are barely passable by canoe

29- SongKran Water Festival-Thai New Year, South Pattaya Beach hosts the Largest, Craziest, Wildest and Longest 5-day water fight in the World!                                                                                                                                  

30- Lady with no eyes (A street peddler, her eyes never developed) very visual!

31- Sexy Massage (A soap and suds massage with two ladies and one man very sensual, lots of bubbles)

32- One Million Year Old Stone Park

33- Thailand’s first international elephant polo championships

34- Male Leopard and Female tiger enjoying each other (boyfriend and girlfriend)

35- Thailand’s (Golden Triangle) Opium Museum and foreigners smoking opium at a hill tribe opium den

36- Asian  rice fields with workers and water buffalo’s

37- F.A.E. Elephant Hospital with Motala the elephant that stepped on a land mine and had her leg amputated (Motala is recovering but her leg has not healed, graphic footage with doctors working on Motalas bed sore wounds and her unhealed leg) the hospital is also a alcohol and drug recovery center for elephants, other injured elephants recovering at the hospital Great interview with Sorida

38- Water Buffalo Training Center, the owners rescue the endangered Thai water buffalo from slaughter houses and bring them back to there farm and retrain the buffalo to work the rice fields and the water wheels, then lend the animals to farmers who can not afford to buy the buffalo. A beautiful farm!

39- Beautiful Asian tiered rice fields. The best I have ever seen!!!

40- Orangutan (Monkey) Muay-Thai Kick Boxing, the only show of it's kind in the world, very funny!!!

41- Black Flamingo's in water, snake boils, carp fish feeding boils

42- Bar girl, beer bar Muay-Thai kick boxing (Great cat scrap bar girl kick boxing)

43- Koh Samui Island, Grandfather rock and Grandmother rock

44- Buriram bug eating village (The villagers love to all kinds of bugs, dead, cooked and alive!)

45- Chong Buri Water Buffalo racing Festival (Buffalo beauty contest, , Blind-fold kick boxing, great buffalo races with lots of crash and burns)

46- Scorpion Queen world record (Guinness Book of World Records for longest stay with 3,400 scorpions for 32 days in a 15' X 20' glass room

47- Gecko Restaurant (A restaurant that cooks and serves lizards)

48- Boiling Oil Ceremony (Tranced men flinging boiling oil over each other, very interesting)

49- Nail bridge crossing (Tranced men crossing a nail bridge at a temple ceremony)

50- Six finger and or toes family ( A family with a Baht Bus business in the jungle, they all had at least six fingers and or toes, the 3 week old baby boy has six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot, and their dog has 5 toes on each hind foot

51- Pole kick boxing ( sitting on a pole above a pond and two fighters fight until one gets knocked off, funny stuff)

52- Chiang Rai Opium Museum and Hilltribe men with foreigners smoking opium in old style opium den

53- Naree Pon are elf like creatures, Learn the legend of Naree Pon; the Thai flower pod women whose existence has been verified by x-raying tiny fruits for skeletal remains. I found the Naree Pon in at a shrine in a (Wat) temple about two and a half hours north of Bangkok. Hard to find but worth the trouble. They have two Naree Pon and they are rather incredible. What are they? Hard to say, not quite a monkey fetus and not a pod that resembles a person. A monk told me that the flower pod women grew on trees

54- A pig fetus in a glass case that looks just like an elephant, very interesting!

55- Nong Khai full moon fireball party, once a year on the Laos / Thailand boarder, fireballs shoot out of the Mekong river and into the sky, no one can explain this natural expierence

56- Bridge Over the River Kwai - Filmed in Kanachanaburi, the Death Railway, War Museums, River Kwai, riding the train on the Death Railway, great footage of the WWII, a prisoners way of life, working on the bridge and railway.

57- Surin Elephant Round-up - Elephant round-up festival, elephant war show, elephant tug-of-war; 139 men pulling rope at one end and 1 elephant at the other, and of course the elephant wins and breaks there tug-of-war record, filming all around the town of Surin, hundreds of elephants in the street! Elephants as taxi's, elephants used like trucks, etc. Elephants parked like cars, elephants obeying traffic laws, elephant 'gas stations'. Great and funny stuff! I have never seen so many elephants, like Thailand 100 years ago. Surin Thailand is where Oliver Stone flimed all the jungle and elephant wars in the movie "Alexander" Copyright 2002


Our Mission

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